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David Jasper


David Jasper is Professor Emeritus and formerly Professor of Literature and Theology at the University of Glasgow and has been Distinguished Overseas Professor at Renmin University of China, Beijing. He holds degrees from Cambridge, Oxford, Durham and Uppsala Universities, and was founder of the Conference on Literature and Religion at Durham University. He is Honorary Professorial Research Professor at University of Glasgow and Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, Associate Editor of the International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. In addition to being the co-editor of Religion and Literature and co-editor of The Oxford Handbook of English Literature and Theology, he is the author of numerous books. Among his publications are Literature and Theology as a Grammar of Assent (2016); The Language of Liturgy: A Ritual Poetics (2018); Heaven in Ordinary: Poetry and Religion in a Secular Age (2018); Literature and Religion: A Dialogue between China and the West with Ou Guang-an (2020); and the trilogy, The Sacred Desert (2004), The Sacred Body (2009), The Sacred Community (2012). The volume Scripture and Literature: A David Jasper Anthology is forthcoming from Baylor University Press.

David has been an ordained Anglican Priest for more than forty years, served as Canon Theologian of Glasgow Episcopal Cathedral, and is assistant priest at St. Margaret’s Scottish Episcopal Church. He is married to Dr. Alison Jasper, author of Because of Beauvoir: Christianity and the Cultivation of Female Genius.