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Victoria Atkinson White


The Rev. Dr. Victoria White is a writer, pastor, designer, coach, facilitator, and teacher. She combines her gifts most effectively through her work at Leadership Education at Duke Divinity where she cultivates and supports innovative Christian institutions and their leaders. Victoria believes in the power of networks as a way for leaders to identify often overlooked hubs of creativity, affinity, and shared passions which, when strategically cross-pollinated, can provide deep wells of resources to help communities thrive and bear witness to God’s reign. She’d prefer to do this work she loves from the sand of any beach anywhere, but for the moment she lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with her spouse Mark, their two teenagers, Ava and Owen, and their Great Dane, Ruby. Happiness for Victoria sounds like raucous laughter, embellished storytelling, voices talking over one another; and friends of all ages piled on couches and laid out on the floor, relaxed, safe, loved, and holy. There should also, always, be excellent food.

Victoria is grateful to the many institutions who have shaped and formed her, namely Rhodes College, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, and Duke Divinity School. She is the author of Holy Friendships: Nurturing Relationships that Sustain Pastors and Leaders.