Chautauqua Women's Club

Chautauqua In-DEPTH

Chautauqua In-Depth

Visit the CWC House weekly for Q&A with an AMP speaker.

Week 1 – June 29

Victoria Atkinson White, Managing Director of Grants at Leadership Education at Duke Divinity

Week 2 – July 6

Kris Alexander, Director of the Red Bull Gaming Hub at Toronto Metropolitan University

Week 3 – July 13

Eric Liu, Co-Founder of Citizen University

Week 4 – July 20

Almar Latour, Publisher of The Wall Street Journal (and longtime Chautauquan)

Week 5 – July 27

Leslie Dewan, Nuclear Engineer and CEO of Radiant Nano

Week 6 – August 3

David Jasper, Emeritus Professor of Literature and Theology at the University of Glasgow

Week 7 – August 10

Theresa Pierno, President and CEO of the National Parks Conservation Association

Week 8 – August 17

Pamela Paresky, Creator of Habits of a Free Mind: Psychology for Democracy and The Good Life

Week 9 – August 24