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Flying High: Experiencing a Drone in Flight


Larissa Rolley, Photographer and Travel Professional


Larissa Rolley will present an overview of drones and drone use in the United States and worldwide. She will explain how drones work and then demonstrate on the lawn of the CWC for all to enjoy.


Larissa Rolley was born at the World’s Fair with wanderlust in her heart. She has lived and worked in the USA, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Ireland, England, Philippines, and now divides her time between Chicago and Tahiti and travel to other places. Through photography, traveling, and meeting people across the world, she hopes to share the transformative power of travel from the heart.

Larissa studied art and photography in Florence, Italy and received her MFA from Columbia College. She has 8 images installed at Deloitte, has exhibited in France, Italy, USA, and French Polynesia, as well in other private collections. Larissa uses photography to put forth the unspoken story, captured by the lens, of the beauty I see in the world. Larissa’s work may be accessed at