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Sharing Social Capital: A Chautauqua Prototype

Building bridges creates access to new opportunities for students, and Chautauquans can support a more equitable future.


Dr. Daniel Sullivan, Mary Arpe, and Beth Miller 


Dr. Sullivan will summarize recent research showing the powerful role that “bridging social capital” plays in student success in college, post-college employment, and upward mobility.  As an example, he will introduce attendees to the Summer Scholars at Chautauqua program which brings high-achieving, under-resourced college students to Chautauqua for a week of educational, cultural, and social capital enrichment. Through this initiative, Chautauquans can befriend these remarkable students and be bridges for them to new and different opportunities by sharing their life experience and connections.

Dr. Daniel Sullivan BIOGRAPHY:

Dr. Daniel F. Sullivan (Dan) has a long history of leadership in education. He is President Emeritus of St. Lawrence University, former President of Allegheny College, and former Board Chair and Senior Fellow of the Association of American Colleges and Universities.  In the past decade, he has served as an advisor and researcher for over 30 independent colleges, universities, and schools as well as a mentor to college presidents. A long-time Chautauquan, Dan is an avid tennis player and euphonium player in the Thursday Morning Brass and Community Band as well as a Member of the Chautauqua Women’s Club. 


Founder and President of Community Compact, Mary Arpe has experience in the educational, corporate, legal, and nonprofit sectors. A graduate of Vassar College and University of Florida Law School, she has worked at a university, IBM, and the law firm Gelfand & Arpe, P.A.

Her leadership roles in Palm Beach County have included both social justice initiatives, focused on diversity and inclusion, and service on many nonprofit boards. From this experience, Mary was inspired to create Community Compact. Her desire to initiate Summer Scholars at Chautauqua came, in part, from being a long-time summer visitor and resident at Chautauqua Institution.

Beth Miller BIOGRAPHY:

A lifelong Chautauquan, Beth Brockman Miller, is Executive Director of Community Compact, Inc. Her early experiences at Chautauqua fostered her passion for peace, education, and community building. She designed an interdisciplinary major in Peace Studies, graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University, and cofounded the Princeton Peace Prize.

For over 25 years, Beth and her husband, Coby, co-facilitated a retreat center, organic farm, and an educational cooperative in the Finger Lakes region. They relocated to Chautauqua in 2022. Beth enjoys taking pictures of Chautauqua year-round and sharing them on FB & Instagram @Chq4u.