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Spectator to Participant: Lessons from Burning Man to Increase Community Engagement

Ten Principals could be applied to CHQ to make it the best it can be!


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David Posner and Elizabeth Hazard 


Always wondered what Burning Man is all about? You may be surprised to learn BM & CHQ have more in common than you might expect. While we don’t have naked people walking to the amphitheater, we do share a magical sense of community, intellectual curiosity, and desire to make the world a better place. Learn more about BM and how their Ten Principals could be applied to CHQ to make it the best it can be!

David Posner BIOGRAPHY:

David Posner is a third-generation, lifelong Chautauquan, and an avid Burning Man participant. In the default world, he works as an Investment Executive, is on the board of several nonprofits and professional organizations and works towards the goal of greater political equity in his home state of Virginia. At Burning Man, he has worked as a Theme Camp Organizer for Camp Monkey Business and has built several large-scale sculptures for the event. He is excited to share some of his observations about what makes Burning Man so successful and some ways that Chautauqua might be able to implement the same strategies to help it continue to be attractive to newer generations. 

Elizabeth Hazard BIOGRAPHY:

Elizabeth Hazard is a three-time Burning Man (BM) attendee and seven-year CHQ visitor. As an art history major, she appreciates BM’s art and sense of community. She first attended at age 50. She brought 11 “Mom friends” the next year for a birthday celebration. In 2022 her 26-year-old video maker son joined her. Chautauqua and Burning Man are her two favorite places and experiences. During the year, Elizabeth lives in Charleston, SC, and Jamestown, RI where she is on numerous community boards.