This committee consists of the elected officers of the Board of Directors. They have regular meetings throughout the year and present significant matters to the board.

After approval by the Board of Directors, the nominating committee will present a slate of nominees for board vacancies at the Annual Membership Meeting.

Board of Directors – The Board has the care and control of the property, assets, investments and income of the Chautauqua Women’s Club.  They will supervise and manage the organization, the conduct of meetings and the affairs of the CWC.

By-Laws Committee – Reviews and updates bylaws as needed. Interprets bylaws as requested by Board of Directors.

Policy and Procedures Committee – creates, reviews and revises such policies and procedures to facilitate the work of the CWC.

The committee monitors all aspects of the finances of the CWC.


This committee oversees the fund raising activities of the organization


Actively markets to the Chautauqua population the benefits of membership in the CWC. Committee members attend the programs to facilitate answering questions about the CWC and taking memberships.


Plans and facilitates the social offerings ensuring ‘a good time is had by all’. They are responsible for the Season’s Greetings event, Sunday Soirees (Sunday afternoon gathering of members and guests), and Life Member Celebration (all new Life Members are welcomed), and other clubhouse events.


Flea Boutique is the Chautauqua Women’s Club opportunity to gather donated items from the community and prepare for resale. Someone’s cast-off is another person’s treasure. The Flea Boutique is located at the back of the Colonnade.

Other CWC FUNDRAISERS are an opportunity for members to volunteer and help plan, organize, and implement events. It’s a great way to get to know people.


The yearbook is produced for our membership and includes all the information about the Programs and Events for the year. In addition, it offers contact information for each member. The committee is responsible for the collecting and organizing information, and selling ads that underwrite the cost of the yearbook.


Coordinates and insures appropriate advertising and coverage of all CWC events. Works closely with the Chautauquan Daily for timely articles about speakers and special CWC events. Two to three off season articles written for publication.


Tech savvy members may wish to participate in administering and updating the CWC website.


A spring publication to all members that details key events and programs for the upcoming season. In addition, membership renewal is highlighted.

Members of the committee plan and organize all aspects of CWC Programs including Contemporary Issues Forum and Dialogues, Professional Women’s Network, Chautauqua Speaks, The Friends Group, GMO, Bridge, Mah Jongg and Language Hour. If you are interested in bringing speakers to the different CWC forums or organizing a fun event or get together, this is the committee for you.

The members of the committee bring their talents to decision about house operations, landscaping, and architecture and design. In addition, the Archives subcommittee insures that significant information is collected about the yearly activities of the organization.

Members of the Scholarship Committee actively participate in the support of the CWC scholarships for students in the fine and performing arts programs. They organize a Scholarship Picnic at the beginning of each season, to welcome students who received funding from the CWC to study in Chautauqua that summer. In addition, they assist with fundraising by handling baskets at the recitals throughout the summer. They support and encourage support of the Artists at the Market who give a percentage of their sales for scholarship support.


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