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Melina Davis

Contemporary Issues Forum

How to Save a Life

Leading the Revolution to Fix Our Broken Healthcare System


Melina Davis, MBA, Chief Executive Officer & EVP Medical Society of Virginia


During the pandemic healthcare providers were exposed to death at an extreme level and experienced unpredictable and exceptionally long work hours to cope with shortages and a rush of patients. Burnout and suicides among healthcare professionals are at an all-time high reaching epidemic levels. Led by Melina Davis, the Medical Society of Virginia found a first-of-its-kind solution that is saving the lives of nurses, PAs, doctors, and other providers. Melina, a seasoned leader in the health care and human services fields, will reveal how strategic visioning and collaborative approaches have created a unique program to protect and care for those we depend on for our own health and well-being. SafeHaven, which started in Virginia but is now spreading across the country, is helping save lives through legislative protections and customized support.

Please preview the short film discussing physician burnout: SafeHaven short film