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Long Dry Road to Three Taps


Betty and Arty Salz, Authors (Chautauquans)


Betty and Arty Salz will speak about their book Long Dry Road to Three Taps which captures the history of alcohol at Chautauqua including prohibition, the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, and the gradual loosening of rules about alcohol on the grounds at CHQ.


Betty Salz, a retired teacher of blind and visually impaired junior high students, discovered Chautauqua in 1969 and has been spending summers here ever since. In her early years at Chautauqua, Betty brailled the entire summer program and the text of religious services for blind people on the grounds, and throughout the 1970’s conducted a class in braille alphabet and numbers. Her three children were all involved in Chautauqua summers and love coming back each year. Even more important, they bring their grandchildren with them.

Arthur Salz, a retired Professor of Education at Queens College, CUNY, who was lucky enough as a kid to spend summers in camp with sports, has found the adult equivalent here in Chautauqua. Plus Music. Plus fascinating lectures. Plus a group with whom he can blow his trumpet. Plus a chance to hit a tennis ball with his grandchildren, as well as be surrounded by wonderful friends within a warm, caring community. “You’ve got to be kidding – I’m coming back next year!”

Photo credit:

Brett Phelps and The Chautauquan Daily