Chautauqua Women's Club

Volunteer Opportunities

Summer is here and as always, the CWC has a multitude of events scheduled. The framework is set for our social and fundraising events, but we need your help to make these events a smashing success! Whether you are new to Chautauqua or a seasoned lifer, we need your help!

Opportunities to volunteer are endless! If you have only an hour to spare- we’ll take it! Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and build life-long friendships. Won’t you join us?

We look forward to hearing from you!

Opportunities include:

  • Flea Boutique:
    Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays 12-2pm throughout the season. Chaired by Gail Gamble and Judy Williams. 
  • Special Events:
    Includes 5 O’Clock at the House, Summer Gatherings, Chef Tours and Cooking Classes, and much more!
  • Member Events:
    Annual Season’s Greetings and Life Member Luncheon.
  • Hospitality Committee:
    Join this committee and assist in preparing food/decorations, etc. for our House Events. Chaired by Kuniko Washio.
  • Chautauqua Speaks:
    Introduce a speaker and facilitate Q&A. Chaired by Norma Ingram.
  • Scholarship Committee:
    Volunteer to hold a donation basket at student, alumni, faculty, and masterclass recitals throughout the season. Chaired by Sharon McClymonds

Drop us a line below. Let us know when you are in Chautauqua and available to help.