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Preventing Global Blindness: The Kenya Project


Diane Steinhilber


Retina Global’s project in Kenya is managed by Diane Steinhilber, RN, BSN, MBA, who shuttles between New York and Florida. Diane worked in critical care and organ transplant centers in Houston, Texas and at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, before working in the private sector.

After retirement, she has served on several non-profit boards in the Cleveland area, mostly involving health care and children’s causes. Since volunteering in Masaai Mara in Kenya and observing the need for specialized eye care in the area, she has taken the lead role in this program to help bring about a sustainable change in access to specialized retinal care in the region.

Retina Global’s Kenya project is managed on the ground by co-coordinators, Nehemiah Kahato and Kelvin Kayere.