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Elizabeth Hazard, Social Entrepreneur


The CHQ community draws fascinating people from around the globe. Now we want to hear from you! We’re creating a way for community members to share their insights and expertise on a topic, skill, hobby, or career. We’re sponsoring a Speed Share and Learn Forum, where community members deliver five-minute talks, followed by group discussion & questions for five minutes. Past topics have included analyzing a poem, bird watching, meditation, knot tying, or book publishing. This learning forum, so aligned with CHQ’s core values, and will bring the CHQ community together in a fun, educational setting.

What’s a passion you’d like to share with the community? Sign up NOW to be a presenter! To get on the schedule, contact:
All of the CHQ community is welcome! You can come and be a sharer or a learner.


Elizabeth Hazard has acted as moderator for numerous Speed Share and Learn Forums including for The Charleston Library Society, Jamestown Garden Club (with a horticulture focus) and for small groups. You never know what interesting topic people will choose – everyone has their unique interests and passions. Last year she shared her interest in Burning Man and co-presented a well attended talk at the Chautauqua Women’s Club. She taught a CHQ Special Studies class on House Flipping. Each of the eight years she has come to CHQ she tries teach or share something in order to give back to this exceptional community. Now it is time to hear from others. Outside CHQ she started her career in the high tech start-up field, then turned her focus to helping non-profits.