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Navigating the Arts as a Mother Artist


Erika b Hess, Artistic Director of Chautauqua Visual Arts


Erika shares her path as an artist, the work she is currently making, and how she created the art podcast, I Like Your Work, all while navigating motherhood in the arts.


Erika b Hess is a painter, host of the art podcast- I Like Your Work, and Artistic Director of Visual Arts at Chautauqua Institution. Hess’s work has been exhibited nationally, including in NYC, Brooklyn, Detroit, L.A., Boston, and Philadelphia. She has been featured in various publications, including Art New England, ArtScope, AllSHEMakes, and Visionary Art Magazine. She frequently lectures at colleges and universities, including Wellesley University, Massachusetts College of Art & Design, The University of Montana, Missouri State University, and Pratt, among others. Hess received her MFA from Boston University and is represented by Contemporary Art Matters in Columbus, OH.