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The Patterns of Life: Art and Artists in one Chautauqua Family


Gretchen Gaede, Designer/Photographer


Gretchen Gaede’s family history at Chautauqua dates back four generations. Well known family members include great grandfather Henry Turner Bailey, designer of the Arts Quad, and father, Bob Gaede, architect of the 1989 Athenaeum renovation. Grandmother, Helen Bailey’s gift shop was in the same Colonnade location where Gretchen’s shop, Gretchen’s Gallery, is now, almost one hundred years apart. 

Gretchen’s career was that of a wallpaper and fabric designer, working for many of the major design houses in NYC, as well as being a children’s illustrator for Save the Children and product designer for many different industries on a national scale. Gretchen transitioned to photography when she opened her Chautauqua Gallery fifteen years ago. Her very visual talk will explore the connections between patterns within her designs and patterns within her family history of artists and entrepreneurs.