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Sharing Space: An Astronaut's Guide to Mission, Wonder, and Making Change


Dr. Cady Coleman, Former NASA Astronaut and Air Force Colonel (ret) USAF


In 2010, Cady Coleman boarded a rocket and blasted off into space for her third NASA mission, a six-month expedition to the International Space Station. After years spent overcoming obstacles in high-performance environments, including grappling with her own doubts and training in a spacesuit that was much too big, Cady became a success story in a role that wasn’t built with her in mind—a mother who is also an astronaut, Air Force colonel, scientist, and leader.

Book Signing:

Sharing Space- An Astronaut’s Guide to Mission, Wonder, and Making Change


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Speaker Bio:

Cady Coleman is a former NASA Astronaut and a retired US Air Force Colonel with more than 180 days in space, accumulated during two space shuttle missions and a six-month expedition to the International Space Station (ISS) as the Lead Robotics and Lead Science officer.

Cady served in a variety of roles within the Astronaut Office, including Chief of Robotics, and lead astronaut for integration of supply ships from NASA’s commercial partners. Before retiring from NASA, she led open-innovation and public-private partnership efforts for NASA’s Chief Technologist.

A popular public speaker and media consultant, Cady also serves as a research affiliate to MIT’s Media Lab. She is a regular contributor to ABC News and co-hosted Arizona State University’s Mission: Interplanetary podcast. Cady serves on several boards, including the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Greenfield Community College and the ISS National Lab Education Advisory Group.

Cady and her family were recently featured in two documentaries, PBS’s The Longest Goodbye, and The Wonderful: Stories from the Space Station. Her book, Sharing Space: An Astronaut’s Guide to Mission, Wonder, and Making Change, about her NASA experiences and the insights she gained as an astronaut, is due out this summer.