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Contemporary Issues Forum

Environmental Activism: Opportunities for Architects and the Public to Engage in the Climate Crisis


Sarah Gamble, Architect and Assistant Professor, University of Florida School of Architecture 


Gamble will discuss how architects are engaging the climate crisis through their work and present a call to action for her profession and the broader public. Environmental education will be a focus, including the opportunities it creates for architects and the public to engage with each other and the environmental challenges present in their communities. A series of architectural projects along the Texas Gulf Coast designed and built by University of Texas at Austin students will provide tangible examples of activism at work.

Book Signing:

Environmental Activism by Design

Speaker Bio:

Sarah Gamble is a registered architect and educator with a passion for the public realm and community projects. Gamble teaches architectural design for graduate and undergraduate students at the UF School of Architecture, following teaching at the University of Texas at Austin from 2011 to 2018. Gamble’s academic research focuses on context and how design is catalyzed by the surrounding environment and our understanding of it, including physical, cultural, social, and ephemeral facets. This focus feeds her architectural practice, residing in public interest design, a field incorporating elements of urban planning, architectural design, the arts, social work, community engagement, and education.

As a professional and volunteer, Sarah has been recognized for her advocacy and design work within Austin and beyond. In 2015, Gamble received the Young Alumni Award from the University of Florida School of Architecture and was featured by Austin(its) Magazine as one of 21 Austinites making a difference. In 2013, she was featured in Texas Architect magazine as one of “4 Under 40” architects and named one of Austin’s “10 to Watch” in 2011 by Tribeza Magazine for her positive impact on the city