Chautauqua Women's Club


Dr. Vino: Blue Zones, Red Wine


$50 per person


Longevity expert Dan Buettner has traveled to five areas around the world that have large concentrations of centenarians, or people over 100 years old. He originally wrote about them in National Geographic 20 years ago and recently had a show on Netflix called “Live to 100: Secrets from the Blue Zones” (We recommend the show as a backgrounder for this session). Wine, specifically red wine, is considered a key part of these “secrets.” In our session, we will discuss the health benefits of wine (as well as recent pushback) while tasting a Cannonau from Sardinia, which Buettner favors. Additionally, we will taste a compelling white and a biodynamic red wine. Join us for this substantive tasting and discussion! 


Tyler Colman, Ph.D. (aka Dr. Vino) connects people with wines they love. The author of two wine books and a finalist for the James Beard Foundation award, he taught wine classes for ten years at NYU and five years at the University of Chicago.  Tyler’s wine writing has appeared in The New York Times, Wine & Spirits, Food & Wine, The World of Fine Wine, Forbes, the Oxford Companion to Wine, and even Bicycling magazine. Tyler is now a consultant to private collectors as well as restaurant wine programs. He recently started offering custom wine tours, and he hopes you can join him on a trip soon! Tyler can be found @drvino on Instagram and at